"Fineline Circuits processes the most sophisticated  boards in their state of the art facility

State of the art technology complements  our commitment to quality and performance.

  1. Single sided prototypes                                                 24 – 48 hours
  2. Double sided prototypes                                              24 – 72 hours
  3. Multilayer prototypes                        3 – 5 days (up to 12 layers)
  4. Quick turn production                                                             3 – 5 days
  5. Normal lead times                                                                           2 weeks
  6. Multiple Cam work stations
  7. Laser photoplotting                                                 1/4 mil resolution
  8. Complete selection of laminates, copper weights and thicknesses
  9. Microwave Laminates – Taconic PTFE, Rogers 4000, Duroid, teflon, polyimide
  10. Plating or Final Finish - No Copper,  Bare copper, Lead solder, Lead-free Solder,
    Immersion Gold, Hard Gold (tab)
  11. Plated slots or edges
  12. LPI Soldermask colors - Green, Matt Green, Black, Matte Black,
    Blue, White, Bright White,  Red, Yellow
  13. Silkscreen Colors - White, Black, Yellow, Red
  14. Electrical netlist testing
  15. Individual routed boards or panel in an array form. Array can be V-scored
    or Tab routed or a combination. V-scoring is for rectangular or straight
    edge boards whereas tab routing is for irregular shaped boards.
  16. Counter sink holes to allow a bolt or a screw to sit flush with or below
    the material and counter bore holes to allow a fastener to sit flush or
    below the material.
  17. Thru-hole, SMT, mixed technology
  18. 8/8 mil lines and spacing (production) 6/6 prototypes
  19. UL 94V-0 Certified
  20. Quote Time:  Within 30 minutes to 1 hour. 

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“...aside from the rest....”

“We have been utilizing the skills of Fineline Circuits for it's PC Board requirements for over 2 decades.  The quality and consistency of their work, the accuracy of their delivery quotes, and the help they give when we are designing a new layout set them aside from all the rest.” 

–George W. Longwell
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