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Fineline Circuits  can satisfy most of your PCB requirements and supply a wide range of PCB, including rigid FR4 , Halogen Free, Rogers, Taconic.

Single Sided

Thru-Hole and Surface Mount

Double Sided

Thru-Hole and Surface Mount


Four to Twelve Layers

Military PCBs - CAGE CODE 1BXP1

We build military production  PCBs using standard and advanced technologies. We work on varied government contracts so we do understand the tight schedules we must meet.

Microwave PCBs

We build microwave PCBs for critical and high reliability applications for aerospace, medical, industrial, and commercial industries.

Lead free PCB's

Both RoHS PCB's and WEEE compliant PCBs. In compliance with the RoHS directive our PCBs do not contain the following:
  1. Lead and its compounds
  2. Mercury and its compounds
  3. Cadmium and its compounds
  4. PBB (Polybrominated biphenyl) compounds
  5. PCDE (Polybrominated diphenyl ether) compounds
  6. Hexavalent chromium compounds
  7. Hexavalent chromium compounds
We do not use any of the above in our material or processing except where lead solder is selected as your final finish.

Lead Free Finishes

We provide PCBs (Manufacturing and Assembly) with various lead-free finishes: lead-free Solder Finish (lead free HASL), Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG), and Electroplated Nickel.

All of our lead-free PCBs are built from UL approved laminates which can withstand the high temperature and long duration lead free assembly cycle (in excess of 260 Celsius or 500 Fahrenheit).

PCB Assembly

  1. Full Turnkey
  2. Consigned or kitted


  1. SMT
  2. Thruhole
  3. Mixed Technologies

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Customer Testimonial

“Electronic Integration Inc. a sister company of Fineline has the ability to assemble both surface mount and thru hole boards quickly and accurately. EII delivers on time with little intervention from us.”
-Douglas McIntyre
Manufacturing Engineer
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