Why Fineline Circuits

1. Reliability and Integrity

Fineline Circuits Management team combines a knowledgeable sales and technical staff with a wide range of experience in all phases of printed circuit board. Beginning with preproduction planning through customer delivery, the project team follows orders through each step of the process to assure conformance, quality and on-time delivery. Our state of the art process controls and leading edge technology guarantees satisfaction.

2. Competetive Pricing with best Value

The key cost drivers are:

-Raw laminate material selections and panel utilization
-Board design and complexity
-Total holes and holes sizes
-Gold requirements if any
-Electrical Testing Parameters
-Environmental Impact

3. Consistent Quality

We meet or exceed customers specifications time after time.  Experienced employee, complete SOP, 100% E-Test, 100% Inner layer AOL, 100% Visual Inspection, First Article Inspection in every process, Micro-section Inspection, Solderability Testing, Ionic Contamination Testing. 

Our products and services are 100% guaranteed to be in accordance with IPC-6012 & IPC-A600F standards, and we're UL approved as well.

4. Fast Response

Short time to your needs with quick PCB quote within 2 hours and rapid service response time.

5. Unparalleled Customer Service

We will work with our customers from the quoting stage to delivery and will follow up on any issues that may arise.  We provide free engineering review and support. You will be notified if we find that your PCB design violates our technical requirements or has errors.

6. Environmentally Friendly

Fineline Circuits is committed to Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing. We utilize design and processes that result in the least use of chemicals and minimum generation of waste products.

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“...aside from the rest....”

“We have been utilizing the skills of Fineline Circuits for it's PC Board requirements for over 2 decades.  The quality and consistency of their work, the accuracy of their delivery quotes, and the help they give when we are designing a new layout set them aside from all the rest.” 

–George W. Longwell
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