Quality Assurance

To produce today’s sophisticated board design , we continuously fine tune every aspect of the PCB process to reduce process variation and optimize target values. From inspection of your design files, we integrate database tooling generation with controlled fabrication techniques to achieve our goal of TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.
Our systems also include written procedures, inspection through each phase of production and a goal leading towards SPC. All our employees are trained in their individual jobs and processes to recognize defects and potential problems before they occur.  Our suppliers are reviewed and evaluated on a routine basis. Our material inventory is on FIFO basis.
We uphold to IPC Commercial Standards for both performance (IPC-6012) and acceptability (IPC-A-600E) of the boards. These standards are a vital part of our training program.
UL Recognition and Flammability Ratings 
This means that all boards of specified base material, design manufactured through identified processes have been investigated by Underwriters Labs for thermal shock, bond strength, and plating adhesion.  The boards have also undergone flammability tests per UL94. We will mark each board with the UL logo and flammability rating.
Many customers require lot code marking. Our marking are 2 digits for manufacturing year, month and day.(YRMODD)

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“...aside from the rest....”

“We have been utilizing the skills of Fineline Circuits for it's PC Board requirements for over 2 decades.  The quality and consistency of their work, the accuracy of their delivery quotes, and the help they give when we are designing a new layout set them aside from all the rest.” 

–George W. Longwell
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